Enable IMAP Access

Note: For new accounts (free plan) from 2019 to date, the IMAP Access feature will not be available.

To enable IMAP Access for your email account:

1) Login to Zoho Mail

2) Go to Settings 

3) Navigate to Mail Accounts >> Configure IMAP

4) Under IMAP section, check the IMAP Access box.

5) Configure Auto-Expunge and Folder View Settings.

 Zoho Mail IMAP Server Details

You can configure your Zoho Mail account on any standard IMAP client with the configuration details given below.

Incoming Server Settings: (Personal users with an email address, username@zoho.com)

Incoming Server Name: imap.zoho.com

Port: 993

Require SSL: Yes  

Username: username@zoho.com 

Incoming Server Settings: (Organization users with a domain-based email address,you@yourdomain.com)

Incoming Server Name: imappro.zoho.com

Port: 993

Require SSL: Yes  

Username: you@yourdomain.com

Outgoing Server Settings

Outgoing Server Name: smtp.zoho.com

Port: 465 with SSL or 587 with TLS

Require Authentication: Yes

You may require Application Specific password to set up the account in other devices if Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your account.  

Folder View Settings for IMAP

A huge mailbox with many folders can be cumbersome to view and synchronize emails in IMAP clients. To optimize your IMAP client's performance, you can choose the folders you want to synchronize with IMAP using the steps below:

1) Login to Zoho Mail

2) Go to Settings 

3) Navigate to Mail Accounts >> IMAP Access

4) Under the IMAP Access section, Click Launch folder settings now.

5) Select the folders you want to view in the IMAP clients. 


  • Only the folders selected here will be available in the IMAP clients you use.
  • Folders that have been shared with you can be viewed from the IMAP clients on desktop and mobile phones.
  • Thunderbird Client supports the Read and Write Folder Sharing options in Zoho Mail. Learn more.

IMAP Expunge Options

When you delete an email or move it to another folder in your IMAP client, the email will be deleted or moved to another folder based on your IMAP settings. To make these changes immediately in your IMAP account, you can enable the 'Expunge Immediately' option with the steps below.

1) Login to Zoho Mail

2) Go to Settings 

3) Navigate to Mail Accounts >> Configure IMAP

4) In the IMAP Section, select your preferred Expunge option for IMAP

  • Check Auto-Expunge Mails - This will remove messages from the Zoho Mail server when you delete/ move emails in the IMAP client.
  • Uncheck Auto-Expunge Mails - This option will not delete the emails unless they are manually expunged from the IMAP client.

Troubleshoot IMAP Configuration

Unable to Login from IMAP Clients

In case you have turned on Two-Factor Authentication for your account, you need to generate and use the Application-specific Password in the IMAP client you use.

In case you are a Federated Sign In user (Using Sign in using Google Apps/ Gmail/ Facebook etc), then you might not have an exclusive password in Zoho for your email account. Refer here for detailed instruction to generate a Password for your account. You cannot 'Sign In' using your external account for POP/ IMAP/ Active Sync.

IMAP Access not enabled

You need to have IMAP Access enabled for your account, before configuring IMAP in the other email clients. Refer this section for instructions.

In case you are an Organization user, check with your administrator if IMAP Access is allowed for your account based on the email policies.

Reference: https://www.zoho.com/mail/help/imap-access.html

Version: DJM v1.0